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PMS SUCKS!  But you don’t have to live with it!

March 03, 2015

When you hear the word HORMONES!  Is your attitude TGIF (thank God I’m Female) or WIWAM (Wish I Was A Man)? For most women—this is how it goes every thirty days……. “I adore him for about two weeks, and then the things I found so endearing last week are absolutely maddening this week!”  I am trucking along for two weeks on my new diet and exercise plan…then crash!  PMS kicks in and I can’t help but eat French fries (or my favorite onion rings), ice cream with extra chocolate syrup, or all the fatty foods I was determined to stay away from.  I am too tired and irritable to exercise.  I feel like such a failure….it’s too hard to pick it all up again, so I give up!


Topics this Month

  • Get fit by Memorial Day! Hormone factors in weight loss
  • Feel in control by the summer: Mental factors in weight loss
  • Implement these over the next 3 months! Practical tips for success