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THRIVE! in 2015 with a Life List:  Three Steps to help you accomplish your goals before you die!

January 22, 2015

As we approach the month of February, many New Year’s resolutions have already been broken or even forgotten. Maybe you’re included in that group or maybe you’re still going strong on your resolution to exercise more, eat healthier or even make time for the things you love.   New Year’s resolutions have been my modus operandi like millions of women around the globe, but I am here to say screw the New Year’s resolution and do something different in 2015, and do something that I think actually works; start a life list. Life lists create positive and healthy habits in your life. They are also a way to keep a running tally of everything you want to accomplish in your life and everything you think is important. By following these three steps you will be on your way for a successful, memorable and empowering 2015:


Topics this Month

  • Get fit by Memorial Day! Hormone factors in weight loss
  • Feel in control by the summer: Mental factors in weight loss
  • Implement these over the next 3 months! Practical tips for success