Are you healty?

If you ever mumble, "I just don't feel like myself!  If your hormones are causing you grief!  You are not alone!  But being "hormonal" is a good thing--if you are living in a state of natural hormone balance!  Learning how to restore balance to your body will help you feel well every single day of the month!  Are You Healthy?  Your YES! starts now! Download your free guidebook for living in a state of natural hormone balance in your 20s, 30s and 40s.

Are you happy?

"Don't worry be happy" is easier said than done.  Happiness is a skill that can be learned and builds the foundation of both effective stress management and an intimate, satisfying love life!  Get the life you deserve and desire by empowering yourself with knowledge of the psychology of happiness and the brain science of love!  Are You Happy?  Your YES! starts now!


Spiral upward and take your relationship to the next level!

February 14, 2017

A wonderful relationship is our biggest asset! We are better stress managers when we are in love. We are more creative at problem solving when we are in love. We feel better when we are in love. We are happier when we are in love. We are more resilient when we are in love. We are healthier when we are love.   Every aspect of life is better when we have someone to share it with!   Research supports this common sentiment.   But when we look around--how many couples do we see who are thriving? How many couples have a passion and a friendship which improves, rather than fades witht the passing of time? The common answer I recieve is..."not many." However, a thriving love is possible!  We all know an older couple who still has a sparkle in their eyes for each other after 50 years.  So what is their secret?  What does these incredible couples do and know that 90% of the population isn't? If you look at information in the areas of neuroscience and modern psychology, the answer becomes clear.  Here are just a few skills and concepts essential to a happy life together: Self-regulation, not communication, is the most fundamental component to a happy relationship. A mutual life list puts us on the same trajectory. Mental strength is essential to creating highs and weathering lows. A secure attachment helps our love age well with increasing intimacy over time. Using emotion, whether positive or negative, as a motivator towards productive action is a key to daily happiness.   Dr. Heap has published her first book and it is available on Amazon!  THRIVE! Together for Life empowers couples with the knowledge and skills needed in all these areas of research so that couples can spiral upward in their relationship and foster the love we all desire.   Make everyday Valentines Day by investing in your relationship!  This book can be used by individual couples or get a group of couples together and have a dinner club discussion over a chapter once a month!  


Topics this Month

  • Get fit by Memorial Day! Hormone factors in weight loss
  • Feel in control by the summer: Mental factors in weight loss
  • Implement these over the next 3 months! Practical tips for success