Fertility Management

Living in a state of natural hormone balance means doing everything we can to not disrupt your body’s normal functions.   Your body is an amazing system of checks and balances.  If you disrupt one part of your body, there are consequences throughout the entire system. 

The natural balance of estrogen and progesterone in your body has profound effects on the prevention of heart disease, atherosclerosis, breast cancer, Alzheimer’s, osteoporosis, skin aging, body fat, blood sugar regulation…..and these are just the effects scientists know about!  In addition to your hormones, there are positive effects of having a regular period for promoting heart health. 

Learning to track your cycle can be a very helpful first step to promoting balance in your body and getting in tune with how symptoms like anxiety, depression, impulsivity, etc, relate to where you are in your cycle. 


To get connected with a teacher who can help you learn to track your cycle and get in tune with your body, email Stacy Mulder at managefertilitynaturally@gmail.com.