What to Do About Hormone Related Acne

Blocking the action of testosterone, determining if bioidentical progesterone will help, combating hyperkeritinization, making dietary changes to decrease inflammation, and a few other topical agents can resolve the vast majority of cases without introducing synthetic hormones that disrupt the balance of your entire body. 

Are You Healthy Guide to Hormone Related Acne

For $2.99 this 28 page guidebook contains three steps to clearer skin:

Step One: Understanding the underlying cause of hormone related acne

Step Two: Information on the signs of the hormone imbalance that causes acne

Step Three: What you can do about it—lifestyle changes, supplements, how to restore balance to your body to correct the underlying problem, and what a doctor can do for you.

Tips on finding a doctor and what to ask the office when you call to make an appointment with a doctor who will meet your needs.


The Are You Healthy Guide to the treatment of Hormone Related Acne contains treatment strategies proven by valid clinical research--in a short and to the point book (who has time to read a 150 pages on hormone related acne). Rather than trying multiple supplements and searching through the mountain of information on the internet--it's all in one book!  By purchasing the guidebook you will be helping yourself and supporting the education of other women!  Help stop the symptom masking and medicine stacking in women's health!