What to Do About Infertility

Once the results of these different tests are complete you begin to treat the problems discovered…..hormonal imbalances are cooperatively supplemented, ovulation problems are treated in several different ways (depending on what is found on ultrasound.)   Treatment is directed towards allowing you to conceive naturally….no sterile labs, no intrauterine insemination, no worrying about multiples (the twin and triplet rate is the same as women without infertility issues).

Treatment varies depending on if you have regular cycles or long and irregular cycles (or no cycles).

Are You Healthy Guide to the Treatment of Infertility with Long and Irregular Cycles (or no cycles)


Treatment of Infertility with Regular Cycles Guidebook

For 2.99 this guidebook contains three steps to effective treatment:

Step One: Understanding the possible root causes of infertility with long and irregular cycles

Step Two: What are the signs of hormonal imbalances that lead to infertility

Step Three: Treatment in the form of lifestyle changes and supplements you can implement yourself AND what a physician can do for you to restore balance to your body and your fertility.  These methods are not widely offered, decrease the risk of multiples, allow you to concieve in the privacy of your own home, is frequently covered by insurance, and will set you up for having more children in the future-because you are correcting the root of the problem!  Stop forcing your body to ovulate and forcing your body to be pregnant--restore your health in order to restore your fertility!

Tips on how to find a physician who approaches infertility treatment in this way.


The Are You Healthy Guides to the treatment of Infertility contains treatment strategies proven by valid clinical research--in a short and to the point book (who has time to read a 150 pages on infertility treatment). Rather than trying to search through the mountain of information on the internet--it's all in one book!  By purchasing the guidebook you will be helping yourself and supporting the education of other women!  Help stop the over-treatment of infertility--starting with yourself!