What to Do About an Irregular Cycle

The typical approach for women (not seeking treatment for infertility) is the birth control pill.  Unfortunately, this treatment only masks the disease by fixing some of the symptoms, but the root of the problem is still smoldering under the surface.

The best treatment for your overall health is to identify the underlying causes and systematically correct each problem.  

By approaching the problem this way, you can restore the normal function of your body and have the best chance of reducing the risks associated with PCOS. 

Are You Healthy Guide to Long and Irregular Cycles

For $2.99 this guidebook contains three steps to restoring balance for the treatment of irregular cycles:

Step One: Understand the possible underlying causes of long, irregular cycles

Step Two: Become an Expert on Yourself
Information on how to learn to chart your cycle and what are the signs of hormonal imbalance to look for that indicate your problem is hormone related

Step Three: What you can do about it!