What to Do About Several Menopausal Symptoms

Women go to natural food stores or supplement stores and get all kinds of conflicting advice….but what is accurate and evidence based?  What really works?  What is a safe way to relieve those symptoms?  Certain vitamins have been shown in randomized controlled trials to help, and bioidentical estrogens that are made by a compounding pharmacist tailored to your body’s needs based on the results of blood work, can alleviate symptoms with minimal risk of breast cancer.  Monitoring for low thyroid function, decreaseing chronic stress, and looking out for common vitiamin deficiencies are key to making the transition with little difficulty. Starting with non-hormonal therapies and moving toward short stents of bioidentical hormones for severe symptoms is the best approach to this unique era of your life.

Are You Healthy Guide to Menopause

For $2.99 the Menopause Guidebook contains three steps to making a good transition to a new state of natural hormone balance:

Step One: Understanding the hormonal changes of menopause—estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, and cortisol

Step Two: Preventative health guidelines for the menopausal years--this section lists the latest recommendations on breast cancer screening, cardiovasular health and other cancers--education is the first step to prevention!

Step Three: What to do when menopausal symptoms are disrupting your life, including lifestyle changes, stress management, vitamins, and supplements that have been proven to work, along with what you can do with bioidentical hormones, and how a doctor can help you by checking your thyroid, and certain vitamin levels to determine if you have other issues making your symptoms worse. 

Tips on how to find a doctor and what to ask the office when you call.


The Are You Healthy Guide to the treatment of Menopause contains treatment strategies proven by valid clinical research--in a short and to the point book (who has time to read a 150 pages on menopause). Rather than trying multiple supplements and searching through the mountain of information on the internet--it's all in one book!  By purchasing the guidebook you will be helping yourself and supporting the education of other women!  Help stop the symptom masking and medicine stacking in women's health!  You don't have to live with it!