What to Do About Painful Periods

Rarely are painful periods due to only one of these problems.  Endometriosis is often accompanied by hormone imbalances.  Low thyroid function usually goes hand in hand with progesterone deficiency.  A comprehensive approach is necessary to restore overall health to your body and eliminate the pain.

Dietary changes, vitamin supplements and bioidentical hormones can bring significant relief and help you avoid harmful treatment containing potent synthetic hormones or more invasive treatment like a hysterectomy.  Restoring balance to your body and getting to the root of the underlying problem is the best approach for relief of pain in the present and long term health in the future.  Painful periods are not just inconvenient; it is a symptom of an underlying imbalance that needs to be addressed.  Not only do you not have to live with it….you really shouldn’t.

Are You Healthy Guide to Painful Periods

For $2.99 this 25 page guidebook contains three steps to a pain-free life including:

Step One: What are the underlying causes of painful periods and why is identifying these important for your overall health--some causes of painful periods are associated with an increased risk of ovarian cancer!

Step Two: Learn how to monitor yourself for signs that hormone imbalance may be contributing to your problem

Step Three: Information on dietary and lifestyle changes, supplements, vitamins, and bioidentical hormone supplementation that can help you relieve the pain.  Education on what a doctor can do for you. Out of all the hormone related issues--women with painful periods recieve the most symptom masking and medicine stacking.  Don't let your health slowly spiral downward--learn alternatives that are proven to work and better for your overall health!

Tips on how to find a doctor and what to ask the office when you call to determine if the doctor is right for you!


The Are You Healthy Guide to the treatment of painful periods contains treatment strategies proven by valid clinical research--in a short and to the point book (who has time to read a 150 pages on painful periods). Rather than trying multiple supplements and searching through the mountain of information on the internet--it's all in one book!  By purchasing the guidebook you will be helping yourself and supporting the education of other women!  Help stop the symptom masking and medicine stacking in women's health!