PMS is not normal.  PMS is not just a part of being a woman.  So, what is PMS?

Premenstrual syndrome is a common condition in women.  In fact, studies show that thirty to eighty  percent of women struggle with PMS during the days leading up to their period.  If you talk to women, this seems more like 100%--who doesn’t mumble “I’m hormonal” from time to time?1  For approximately 6% of women, these symptoms are severe enough to disrupt the ability to function in daily life.2 

You know you have PMS if you experience of three or more symptoms in the following list for three or more days leading up to your period.

Symptoms associated with PMS are:

PMS is not something you have to live with.  The first step to treatment is to understand the underlying causes.

What are the underlying causes of PMS?