What To Do

Effective treatment for PMS starts with learning to chart your cycle, looking for signs of hormone imbalance, signs of thyroid problems and the effects of chronic stress.  

If signs of hormone imbalance are present, then supplementation with bio-identical progesterone timed properly with your cycle, along with a few specific vitamins and minerals is a great first line treatment!  Doctors trained in treating PMS by restoring natural hormone balance can check for thyroid problems and prescribe other natural therapies to correct the problem.

You can learn more in the Are You Healthy Guide to the Treatment of PMS.  

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The Are You Healthy Guide to PMS contains treatment strategies proven by valid clinical research--in a short and to the point book (who has time to read a 150 pages on PMS). Rather than trying multiple supplements and searching through the mountain of information on the internet--it's all in one book!  By purchasing the guidebook you will be helping yourself and supporting the education of other women!