Thyroid Problems

Because thyroid hormone is involved in running the rate of our metabolism, every cell is affected if the thyroid goes astray.  Classic hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism can be easily diagnosed with a simple blood test—TSH.  There is some controversy in the medical community, however, about whether there is another problem with the thyroid gland called thyroid system dysfunction (TSD).  TSD is believed to be a result of increased cortisol levels in response to chronic stress.  The symptom list of TSD is extensive and many women with this problem are labeled as hypochonriacs or “head cases” because there is no “organic cause” found for their multitude of symptoms.  View the list of symptoms and take the Thyroid Quiz.  Some thyroid experts believe that 40% of people are dealing with TSD today. 

If you have hypothyroidism and/or are struggling with several of the symptoms on the TSD list, have sought help from a physican and found no underlying cause for the symptoms that are disrupting your life—then TSD could be the answer.

What do you do about thyroid system dysfunction?