A goal's personality can affect your ability to achieve it!

January 27, 2015

The center pillar of the spiral staircase to your thriving life—meaning the thing keeps the whole damn  thing from crashing down—is made up of effective goal setting and the willpower to make those goals  happen!  Well-being is how we feel when we are in a state of constant growth and development.  We need a steady flow of goals and achievement to make that happen!

Today we are going to discuss how the personality of the goals on your life list will affect your ability to achieve them!

What?  Goals have personality?

If you look up the definition of personality it is defined as:  a set of distinctive traits and characteristics.

Just as your personality affects what you do and how you relate to other people—a goals personality drives what you do and how you relate to it!

Let’s talk a look at some of the distinctive traits and characteristics that goals can take on—run your life list past these characteristics and see if you can rephrase your goals to take on a personality that will make them easier to get done!

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THRIVE! in 2015 with a Life List:  Three Steps to help you accomplish your goals before you die!

January 22, 2015

As we approach the month of February, many New Year’s resolutions have already been broken or even forgotten. Maybe you’re included in that group or maybe you’re still going strong on your resolution to exercise more, eat healthier or even make time for the things you love.


New Year’s resolutions have been my modus operandi like millions of women around the globe, but I am here to say screw the New Year’s resolution and do something different in 2015, and do something that I think actually works; start a life list.

Life lists create positive and healthy habits in your life. They are also a way to keep a running tally of everything you want to accomplish in your life and everything you think is important. By following these three steps you will be on your way for a successful, memorable and empowering 2015:

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Ready, Set, Goal!!!!!  Goal Setting and Women’s Well-being!

June 05, 2014

At the end of the school year at my good ol’ al ma mater, I gave a talk on “The Meaningful and Satisfying Life!”  The college aged women really enjoyed it—and it was a fun subject to talk about!  I have to say that I got as much out of it as they did!


The psychology of goal setting is important to understand!!!!  We all have health goals, relationship goals, happiness goals, spiritual goals, goals for our families, goals for our professional development……

Holy crap!  We have a lot to do in life!


But how many times a day, a month, or a year do we act mindlessly in ways that are counterproductive to reaching our short term and long term goals? 


What undermines and what promotes the attaining of goals?

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Wellness 2014 Tip #4:  Exercise for Your Brain Not Your Physique

February 06, 2014

Many women when they want to get in better shape join a gym and start to work out!  This is not necessarily a good reason to exercise. 

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Gratitude is Essential to a Great Life

January 30, 2014

Wellness tip #3 is ramp up your gratitude!  According to positive psychologists doing a few exercises to increase the character strength of gratitude is a very powerful tool to boost mood and ward off depression!  So here are three things you can try:

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