PMS SUCKS!  But you don’t have to live with it!

March 03, 2015

When you hear the word HORMONES!  Is your attitude TGIF (thank God I’m Female) or WIWAM (Wish I Was A Man)?

For most women—this is how it goes every thirty days…….

“I adore him for about two weeks, and then the things I found so endearing last week are absolutely maddening this week!” 

I am trucking along for two weeks on my new diet and exercise plan…then crash!  PMS kicks in and I can’t help but eat French fries (or my favorite onion rings), ice cream with extra chocolate syrup, or all the fatty foods I was determined to stay away from.  I am too tired and irritable to exercise.  I feel like such a failure….it’s too hard to pick it all up again, so I give up!

I cry at commercials and fly off the handle—it is affecting my life—I’m so unpredictable!  I feel like my hormones are running my life and affecting who I am and what I can achieve!
Premenstrual syndrome is not a benign problem without consequences! 

PMS affects 80% of women—anywhere from six to 16% have it so bad that it disrupts their ability to function.  Symptom masking and medicine stacking is the option offered to women today as a solution.  Many scientists and physicians act like this is a normal part of being a woman—this is BS. 

It is unfortunate that women are not consistently offered solutions aimed at getting to the root of the problem—which is a hormone imbalance.

Thyroid function, increased cortisol levels due to chronic stress (who isn’t dealing with this today), and an imbalance between estrogen and progesterone are the three possible contributing factors.

I am reading a book called “Lean In” which discusses how women need to refuse to accept circumstances that do not lead to personal and professional fulfillment—I believe the same goes for our health care!  We need to ask for better solutions from the medical profession--but in order to do this—you must first educate yourself on what is normal in a woman’s body and why “Living in a State of Natural Hormone Balance” is so important!  Empower yourself with this knowledge now and share it with a friend!  Education is the key to “Lean In” when it comes to their health and not accepting anything but the very best! It is not just “part of being a woman” to be on a hormonal roller coaster ride! 

This is our next step in the spiral staircase of well-being!  Don’t miss out this Thursday, March 5th at Sigma Kappaj at 7pm!