Individual Happiness

One hundred percent of people want to be happy, but only fifty percent rate themselves as more happy than unhappy.  Why?  If everyone wants happiness, then why are so few individuals succeeding in living a profoundly rewarding life?

Do you think happiness is something for lucky people who are healthy, have few financial worries, are well educated and are attractive?

Or do you believe that happiness is a skill that can be learned marked by certain character traits and ways of thinking?  

Psychologists have found that happiness is indeed a skill that can be developed and is within everyone's reach! 

The skill of happiness forms the foundation for effective stress management that is not only necessary for you to maintain your sanity, but also to promote your hormonal health!  Health and happiness has been proven to go hand in hand by psychological research for the last 50 years—how we deal with adversity (stress) in life is the key.

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Happiness is the Cure for Chronic Stress

Who doesn’t deal with chronic stress today?  Do you have a husband?  Kids?  A job?  Stay at home?  In a graduate program?  Trying to figure out what to do with your life?

You cannot eliminate all stress!  You can’t quit your job! You can’t drop out of school!  You can’t go live alone on a beautiful mountaintop!  Your kids and husband need you!  How you deal with the unavoidable stress of life is an essential skill!  Psychological research in the area of happiness holds the answer! 

Make the choice to live a deeply satisfying life!  Learn the skill of happiness and start answering YES to the question….ARE YOU HAPPY!

Learn more about effective stress management through happiness.

The Chronic Stress guidebook contains: