Cortisol & Chronic Stress

Women are under a lot of pressure these days.  Juggling family, work, friends….most women feel like that picture of The Cat In the Hat doing his balancing act on a ball!  Chronic stress is a way of life!  Unfortunately, it is taking its toll on women’s health in addition to robbing us of our enjoyment in day to day life. 

So what’s a girl to do?

We need to try and decrease our cortisol levels through effective stress management.  Stress management is not just about eliminating stressors and prioritizing our time.  It is about how we deal with adversity in life.  How do we know if we are effectively managing our stress and lowering our cortisol levels?  We are happy.  I don’t mean a superficial “shiny happy people holding hands” type of happiness.   When I say happy, I mean a deep satisfaction and interior peace in life.

Happiness is not for the feeble hearted, nor is it for the lucky few.  Happiness is a skill and taking an intellectually honest look at what makes people happy and how happy people think is the path to success.  Happiness is a skill that can be learned and is the foundation for effective stress management that leads to living in a state of natural hormone balance—so what are you waiting for…Don’t worry, be happy!

Are You Happy Guide to Chronic Stress Management and Cortisol Problems

This guidebook contains three steps to getting your cortisol and your stress in balance:

Step One: Understanding the effects of chronic stress and increased cortisol in your body

Step Two: Symptoms associated with increased cortisol levels due to chronic stress

Step Three: An approach to stress management that decreases cortisol levels and increases happiness, as well as, supplements and lifestyle changes that are important to keeping your adrenal glands healthy.