Personal Consulting

Two Forms of Personal Consultation

Mini-Personalized Consult 

The Mini-Personalized Consult consists of:

1)  Downoad and fill out the Symptom Questionaire

2)  Dr. Heap will look at your list of symptoms make suggestions that will help you get to the root of the underlying problem in a short written report along with the guidebooks that apply to your particular problem


Personalized Consultation and Customized Guidebook

The second form of personal consulting consists of:

1) Download the symptom questionaire and Dr. Heap will review your symptoms, ask follow up questions

2) Dr. Heap will put together a fully customized plan (20 to 30 page document) based on your symptoms

3) You will have a personal conversation (at least an hour) with Dr. Heap on the phone, via skype, or in person at her office.

4)  In addition to the customized plan, Dr. Heap will also help you find a physician in you area to support your decsion to restore balance to your body rather than simply mask symtpoms,

If you have questions about personalized consulting or would like a personalized consultation, email Dr. Heap at  She can answer your questions and will need some initial information to ensure that she can help with your health concerns.

Here is what one woman said after a personalized consultation:

I met with the doctor you recommended today for the first time.  I just wanted to say thank you for your help with my personal guide book and for the recommendations you made.  I feel taken care of for the first time with all this infertility mess!  Thank you!!

Women often search for answers to their women’s health issues without finding satisfactory solutions. 

After bouncing from doctor to doctor and spending money on over the counter remedies that do not work, eventually women give up hope and simply live with their symptoms or live with the side effects of the “cure.” 

Laurie Heap, MD, is passionate about helping women restore hormone balance and therefore wellness through targeted lifestyle changes, nutritional supplements that have been proven to reduce particular symptoms, and empowering women with the knowledge they need to become equal partners in their evaluation and treatment—rather than the recipient of prescription medications. 

Some natural hormone balance physicians do not take insurance, and the out-of-pocket cost is substantial, but for the vast majority of women—unnecessary. 

Laurie Heap, MD, has the professional objective to save women both time and money by putting together a comprehensive plan to get them on the path back to health and wellness, and connecting them with the right physicians, or giving them the knowledge they need to effectively communicate with their current doctor. 

Description of Personal Assessment and Consulting Service

Women’s Health Issues Laurie Heap, MD, addresses:

Following an initial evaluation of symptoms, clients receive a written, six-point personal health assessment and help finding a physician who will fit the client’s needs. 

The final report includes:

  1. Explanation of possible root causes and what tests can be done to identify the root causes
  2. Talking points to more effectively communicate with current physician or recommendations of physicians who are trained in natural hormone balance
  3. Information on what can be done by a physician to correct the most likely underlying cause of the symptoms
  4. Over-the-counter nutritional and supplement plan targeting symptoms, addressing underlying hormonal defects and marginal vitamin deficiencies
  5. Plan for lifestyle changes helpful in attaining and maintaining natural hormone balance
  6. Educational resources toward the path to effective stress management (if applicable)

The cost of the consultation is $ 225.