Infertility with Regular Cycles Package

If you are struggling to get pregnant and have regular cycles--this package of three guidebooks will give you the information you need to help find the evaluation and treatment you need--and want!  Studies show that 15 to 30% of couples are diagnosed with "unexplained infertility."  If you can't explain it, then how can you treat it.  

Several factors are often overlooked and include--ovulation defects (this is so much more than do you have an LH surge and do you have a rise in basal body temperature), small amount of endometriosis, hormonal deficits that are rarely discovered and low thyroid function precipitated by chronic stress.  So much can be done outside the lab!  Risks of standard medical approach include increased numbers of twins, triplets or greater, possible increased risk of breast cancer with high dose clomid, and a new study has shown increased incidence of "cognitive impairment" in children concieved through IVF.  

Avoid these risks--it is worth the effort to read through these e-books!  This trio of e-books includes the Guide to the Treatment of Infertility with Regular Cycles, Guide to the Treatment of Low Thyroid Function, and Guide to Cortisol and Chronic Stress Managment.  Help yourself and support the Are You Healthy Mission by downloading the books today!  We will be offering this package through the end of May!

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