The Spiral Staircase of Well-Being—Start Climbing to Your THRIVING Life!

The Spiral Staircase of Well-being is an introduction to the different aspects of life that cause a woman to THRIVE!

A thriving woman….

  • A thriving woman has the ability to set clear goals and the willpower to make them happen!
  • A thriving woman wakes up feelin’ awesome 30 days out of 30 (or at LEAST 27 out of 30)! 
  • A thriving woman understands how she feels, what motivates her, how her past affects the present and has empathy for and understands the thoughts, feelings and motivations of other people.
  • A thriving woman is balanced, courageous, fair in dealing with others, and has a clear sense of mission and purpose for her life!
  • A thriving woman finds “Mr. Right”, falls madly in love, and the couple stays in love until they are 90…or 100….Their love hasn’t grown stale—but is still marked with the fresh exhilaration of a new romance.
  • A thriving woman is satisfied with life across the board—loves her family and loves her profession! 


If this sounds like a life you want, take a look at this overview for information on how to make what most people think is a "pipe dream" into a reality--YOUR REALITY!

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