Treatment of Infertility with Regular Cycles

If you have been diagnosed with "unexplained infertility" or are having trouble concieving but have regular cycles, you will find this information very insightful.  There is such hope if you just know what to do and where to look for a doctor!

Here is the Table of Contents for the Guidebook

I.  Introduction  pg. 4

Step One:  Become an Expert On Yourself

The importance of charting  Pg. 6
Using a fertility management system to achieve pregnancy.  Pg. 7
Using fertility management to diagnose the problem.  Pg. 8

Step Two:  Understanding the Possible Causes

Overview of a systematic approach  Pg. 10
The reproductive hormones.  Pg. 11
Thyroid function  Pg. 12
Low thyroid function.  Pg. 13
Chronic stress-Ahhhhhhhh  Pg. 14
Endometriosis.  Pg. 15
Adhesions, ovulation defects, fibroids, tube patency.  Pg. 16

Step Three:  Evaluation

Complete hormonal evaluation   Pg. 18
Serial ultrasound, hysterosalpingiogram, laparoscopy  Pg. 19

Step Four:  Treatment

Hormone defects corrected  Pg.  21
Ovulation stimulants and specific defects.  Pg.  22
Low  thyroid function.  Pg. 22
Chronic stress and cortisol.  Pg. 23
Ovulation stimulants.  Pg. 22

Conclusion  Pg. 24
Who To Call?  Pg. 24

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