How to Start

Get together with some friends and start a THRIVE! discussion and goal setting group!

You can support each other as you start climbing the spiral staircase of well-being to your thriving life!  A THRIVE! group works like a book club on a mission!

Here's how to get started:

Step One:  Send a link to the FREE ebook The Spiral Staircase of Well-Being to some friends and ask them to join you in a discussion and goal setting group about living a thriving life!

Step Two:  Read the ebook and set a date for your first meeting

Step Three:  Get togethr!  Have fun discussing the questions at the back of the ebook.  At the end of the meeting, have each participant share three personal goals they will work on until the next get together!  

At the beginning of each subsequent meeting, share the successes and challenges you encountered while striving to achieve your goals before you start the discussion of the next topic!

THRIVE! groups will cover seven topics in all:

  1. Overview of the Spiral Staircase of Well-being
  2. Get a Life and the Power to Live It:  Goal Setting and Willpower is the Center Pillar of the Spiral Staircase
  3. Mindsight:  Focus, Balance and Communication as Three Secrets to a Thriving Life
  4. Natural Hormone Balance:  Making Hormones an Asset Rather Than a Liability
  5. A Happy and  Meaningful LIfe:  Watch Out World Here I Come!
  6. Get Lucky, Love Smart:  Learning About the Brain On Love
  7. Emotional Makeover:  Learning Your Emotional Style and How to Boost Positive Emotion in Daily Life

Each topic, found as an ebook in our store, is targeted towards helping you close the major information gaps and hurdle some of the biggest obstacles to women thriving today!  You will have fun, deepen your friendships, learn valuable information and goal set your way to the life you desire and deserve!  


 If you have questions, please contact Dr. Laurie Heap for more info at