Hormones cause health and well-being!

How many times have you said "I'm hormonal" and it is not a positive statement!  when you hear the word "HORMONES" what do you think?  The most positive response I have seen is an eye roll!  

When hormones are in balance they should cause a profound sense of well-being and add years to your life-not something you just have to live with!  You cannot improve upon nature--the normal highs and lows of your hormones throughout your cycle have effects all over your body.  Natural hormone balance promotes the health of your heart, bones, brain, breasts, skin, immune system.....

There are hormone receptors in every system of your body and the natural balance between estrogen and progesterone have a protective effect!  Women live longer than men on average, in part, because of hormones.

The common treatment given to women who seek help for hormone related issues is a prescription for medications that simply mask symptoms.  Symptom masking and medicine stacking is the conventional approach in women's medicine today.  The best form of treatment for issues you know are the result of "somthing not being right" with your hormones--is to restore natural hormone balance.  Helping your body function normally is twice as effective as masking symptoms!  (I know that is shocking!)

Hormones are meant to be a girl's best friend!  If this is not your experience--then the information that follows is for you!

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