3 Steps To Natural Hormone Balance

Women are frequently overwhelmed by the amount of women's health information that is on the web--so I have put together a summary ebook and three simple steps for you to get on the path to health and wellness!

Step One:  Download the free ebook "Living in a State Of Natural Hormone Balance for Women in Their 20's, 30's and 40's" by Laurie Heap M.D.  If you are short on time, read a section or a few pages every night.

Step Two:  Take the NHB self- assessment.  What symptoms are you living with....and don't have to!

Step Three:  Choose a guidebook based on your symptoms and what you have learned from the self assessement.  Or email Dr. Heap at laurieheapmd@yahoo.com and find out how she can help you choose the guidebooks that are right for you!