Hormones and Whole Body Health

Hormones are not just about reproduction and the emotional roller coaster ride 85% of women deal with each month.  Hormones are not just something you have to “live with” because you are a woman.  Hormones give women all the wonderful characteristics of nurturing, intuitiveness, generosity, strength and caring that we love…..AND hormone balance dramatically promotes the health of almost every system in the body!

Systems of your body that need hormonal balance from your teens to your 50’s to stay healthy include:

Cardiovascular system:  Hormone balance prevents atherosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes

Breasts:  Hormone balance protects from the cell damage that leads to cancer cells forming and decreases growth rate of cancer cells that are already present

Brain:  Hormone balance promotes normal brain development giving us all kinds of wonderful feminine characteristics, fosters positive mood, makes us awake, alert and sharp, and protects the brain from Alzheimer’s

Bones:  Hormone balance promotes strong bones and prevents osteoporosis

Immune system:  Hormone balance promotes both parts of the immune system-the part that fights viruses and the part that fights bacteria

Skin:  Hormone balance fosters clear, vibrant complexions

Fertility:  Hormone balance protects a woman’s fertility and prevents the development of infertility

The bottom line is that you really SHOULDN’T deal with the fatigue, irritability, sleepless nights, painful periods, or headaches, BECAUSE THESE ARE SIGNS OF HORMONE IMBALANCE THAT AFFECT THE HEALTH OF YOUR ENTIRE BODY.  By empowering yourself with the knowledge you need to restore balance to your body, you can take charge of your health and be your own advocate in the medical system to find solutions that really work!


The first step to living in a state of natural hormone balance is to identify the common obstacles that are standing in your way!