Obstacles to Living in a State of Natural Hormone Balance

If living in a state of natural hormone balance is so fabulous for your sense of well being and for your overall health—why aren’t more women running around living in this wonderful state?  In my experience talking with thousands of women, I have found three main obstacles standing in the way.

Obstacle One: Limited Number of Options for Family Planning

The first obstacle is that women are given a very limited number of options, when it comes to family planning that are both effective, reversible and do not disrupt the normal function of your body.  The synthetic hormones in hormonal contraceptives are very potent (100 to 1000 times more potent than your body’s own estrogen and progesterone) and are nowhere near living in a state of NHB!  Because these synthetic hormones disrupt the normal balance in your body—research has shown that they increase your risk for both breast cancer and increase certain cardiovascular risk factors.  It makes sense that there would be negative effects on the systems of your body that NHB protects.  

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if there was a method of family planning that allowed you to effectively avoid pregnancy while living in natural hormone balance?  

Fortunately there are family planning systems available that do just that!  Drug-free, device free, hormone free family planning with a 99.6% effectiveness rate is available if you just know where to go to learn about it! I call these systems some of the best kept secrets in women’s medicine today!  Fertility management systems empower you with the knowledge you need for true reproductive freedom.

Obstacle Two:  Limited Number of Options for Hormone Related Problems

The second obstacle standing in the way of women living in a state of NHB is a limited number of options offered for the treatment of hormone-related health problems like PMS, painful periods, irregular cycles, acne, and infertility.  The typical approach to women’s health issues is to mask the symptoms—not fix the underlying cause.

For cyclical depression, you get an anti-depressant.

For cyclical headaches, you get a headache medicine

For cyclical anxiety, you get anti-anxiety pills

For trouble sleeping, you get a sleeping pill

For painful periods, you get pain-relievers

For irregular cycles, you get the birth control pill

For acne, you get the birth control pill

For fatigue, you self-medicate with coffee

Most women are not satisfied with this symptom-masking, medicine stacking approach to their problems, because it leaves them feeling “drugged up” rather than normal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a treatment option that discovered the root cause of your symptoms and focused on restoring balance to your body, rather than just putting band aids on the problem?

What Can You Do?